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Survive and Thrive

The Health Care Coach provides tailor-made
programs that incorporate evidence-based
positive behavioral strategies and skills that
help individuals become more responsible,
motivated, engaged and self-directing in their
lifestyle and wellness needs.  
Health and Wellness Program
With more than 25
years of experience in
the health care
industry as a nurse
practitioner- clinician,
educator, researcher,
professional coach and
author, Dr. Trandel is
an uniquely qualified
expert in health and
wellness consulting
and coaching.  
She brings together  this knowledge and
experience to partner with you in creating  and
instituting solutions to your health and
wellness issues.
Darlene Trandel, PhD, MSN, NP/RN, PCC
Interested in learning how to become a health

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Health and Wellness Classes Offered:
Mastering Wellness Coaching: Healthy Lifestyles  
14 weeks, 14 CEUs, beginning Sept 9, 2014
Mastering Wellness Coaching: Interventions
14 weeks, 14 CEUs, beginning Jan , 2015
New Programs
Motivational Coaching; Applying Motivational
Interviewing Skills
6 Weeks, 9 CEUs, course beginning Oct, 2014

Now offering workshops in  evidence-driven
behavioral change strategies; positive-oriented
coaching skills; motivational interviewing;
healthy lifestyles and interventions; chronic
disease management; patient
engagement/activation; population health;
effective communications including health
literacy; transitional care and advocacy; and
team-based care models.
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Group Coaching offered:  Inquire for further
Individual Health/Wellness Coaching Sessions
via phone
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Are you or your business looking to set up a
wellness program within your organization?  
Or, are you a health care organization who
desires to  help their staff acquire skills to
motivate their patients in improving
management of their condition/treatment?

If so, the Health Care Coach offers you or your
organization individual or group-based solutions
to enable you to live healthy and well.  With
sustainable lifestyle changes in areas of
nutrition, weight, physical activity, smoking,
stress and life-balance you can live at your best,
prevent or reduce the risk of disease or optimize
the outcome of a condition with which you are
Are you as healthy as you could or should be?  
Failed in past attempts to reach your health
goals? Having difficulties finding enough time,
energy or will power in your day to give attention
to your health or wellness needs?
Individual and Group-based
Coaching Services
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